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How do you eat an elephant? The waiter places the elephant on the table in front of you. It’s ENORMOUS! How on earth are you going to eat THAT? Sometimes, when you are faced with a dilemma, it can feel as difficult to solve as eating that elephant. But there is a way. The answer is – one bite at a time.

Or it’s hard by the yard, but by the inch it’s a cinch
What is your elephant right now? Are you thinking of moving to live nearer the family, or are you struggling to make ends meet? Maybe you’d like to get healthy or lose weight? The sheer size of a problem can make it hard to even think about how to start achieving your goal.
It can help to write things down – I am a great believer in lists. If you’ve got an elephant bothering you, I may be able to help you sort things out, so please call or email me.
If there is anything troubling you that you need help to solve I am always here to help.
Call me on 07852 961839 or Email:

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Christian Aid Raises £3324.10

A huge thank you to everyone who organised events, took part in house-to-house collections and to all those who supported the events in Pilton, Croscombe, North Wootton, Dinder and Dulcote for this year’s Christian Aid Week. The total raised amounted to £3324.10. A superb effort from our villages!

This included over £200 from plant sales at three of the village events and also at Collett Park. Thank you, Tim and Gwen, for all your hard work.
The money from Christian Aid Week this year will help to support refugees.

Hilary Austin

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Traffic Building in the village

Everybody is so busy with pre-Festival preparations that safety is something we all need to think about. Please drive carefully in the village.Glasto4

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Glastonbury Festival Information for Pilton Residents Vehicle Passes

Village Vehicle Passes and your tickets will be available from Pilton Village Hall on Saturday 10th June 1pm – 6pm and on Friday 16h June 6pm – 8pm. Please note that as last year the sessions will be held in the Worthy Room (next to bar). Entry will be via the ramp from the car park and exit via the stairs. This will stop people having to queue on the stairs which can be dangerous.
Village Car Park – Can I also remind you that passes for the village car park are again limited this year and will only be issued to Pilton residents if their advance application is approved.
Cockmill Lane – This year a Temporary One-way Order will be in place in Cockmill Lane from Orchard Gate to Pylle Road (north bound). This will allow traffic to turn left or right out of Orchard Gate but there will be no through traffic from the direction of Pylle Road (Pilton). The “Cockmill Lane Pass” will again be restricted to residents of Cockmill Lane and their visitors. Passes will also be issued to people with exceptional need to use Cockmill Lane.
Security – Security levels will be the same as last festival.
Large Contractors vehicles, Neat Lane – An extra steward will be positioned at Springfield Cross to restrict their access from 7.00am to 4.00pm daily from Monday 12th – Friday 16th June.
Checkpoints – The checkpoints, as last year, will be operational from Saturday 17th June. Full details of checkpoints, road closures and one- way systems will be available at Vehicle Passes Distribution.
Hot Line Number – 01749 899631 – from 1stJune will put you through to the festival office who will deal with urgent ongoing problems. It will be staffed 24 hrs a day during the Festival period (21st – 26th June).

Drop-in Centre – in the snooker room at the Village Hall. Festival and security representatives will be available 24 hours a day to deal in person or by phone with any festival problems or queries. The centre will be open 4pm on Tuesday 20th June – 8pm on Monday 26th June. Village Lighting – The village will have the same level of lighting as in previous years.
Alison and I will be available at the vehicle passes distribution sessions should you wish to speak with us. We will be resident in the village from 12th June and can respond quickly to any of your problems or concerns. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of help.

Dick Hamilton, Village Liaison Manager , Glastonbury Festivals Tel: 899631 Email:

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Specialist Dementia Nurses


*Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who give much needed practical and emotional support to family carers, as well as the person with dementia. They provide families with the knowledge to understand the condition and its effects, the skills and tools to improve communication and provide emotional and psychological support to help family carers carry on caring for their family member. They are able to take on complex cases and provide specialist support and advice.

To be eligible for their free service, either the carer or the person with dementia has to have done a minimum– 7 days paid service in any of the Armed Forces , National Service counts too! It’s OK if they can’t remember their service details as they can find out that information. Call – Petra Soper on 01823 218443 or email

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Although demands for local accommodation have decreased over the years due to lots of on-site and other local facilities, there are still people who seek a local friendly off-site stay.

If you have anything from a single bed B&B, to a grand mansion to let, there may be one or more of those involved, either workers, performers, agents, journalists, photographers, groups or the like who need places. If you have anything to offer please contact (with details).Mike or Fiona Case 899125 or

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Dante Turner paints Ruth as the ‘Tree of Life’

Dante Turner’s painting of Ruth, “The Tree of Life”, has been chosen by the Bath Society of Artists 112th Open Exhibition which is open until 15th July in the Victoria Art Gallery on the corner by Pulteney Bridge.  Dante and the Deputy Mayor of BathThe Deputy Mayor of Bath, Independent Councillor June Player, who opened the exhibition, loved the painting and had a chat with Dante.  Dante and The Tree of LifeIf you like the painting, there is a People’s Vote prize at the Exhibition, so please vote for Dante.

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A huge Thankyou from the staff, patients and relatives at Yeovil District Hospital for the Twiddlemuffs. A great big Thankyou to all the lovely, kind people who have donated wool, beads, buttons , ribbon etc, and to the crafters who have knitted and crocheted the twiddlemuffs. So far a total of 52 have been sent to the hospital, and they have brought tremendous comfort to those receiving them. We are still making them , and sending them, if anyone would like pattern , they are welcome to email me on and I will email the pattern back.

Again, Thankyou to so many kind people

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Glastonbury has its Frost Fayre and Croscombe its Christmas Charter Market. Should Pilton organise its own Christmas Fayre this winter? If you are interested in exploring this possibility join me, Christine Butler, in the Village Hall on 24th May at 7.30pm.

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Rogation Sunday is on 21st May this year. Traditionally it was a time when people beat the bounds. This year we are going to have a Benefice picnic with games and a short service so please put the date in your diary and come and join us. Details as to the location and times will be on the website and in Churches nearer the time.

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