Planning permission is sought to cover Worminster Down, the 114-acre top of Launcherly Hill, with 60,000 solar panels for thirty years.

The site is clearly visible from the Old Wells Road by Dungeon Farm and from other mosaicMendip high points. The green-topped hill would be industrialised into a ‘power station’ set in wide open country. Mendip District Council designate the site a (rare) Special Landscape Feature. Two footpaths cross the top; one, the Monarch’s Way, is a Heritage footpath, allegedly Charles II’s escape route after the 1651 Battle of Worcester. The footpaths would be surrounded by solar panels, 8ft 8ins high (roughly the height of a single-decker bus), completely obscuring spectacular views of the Mendip Hills, the Levels and beyond.

The relevant Parish Council, St Cuthbert Out, have recommended refusal. We need to persuade Mendip District Council to do the same. And, of course, Worminster is the home of the legendary thirteenth-century Worminster ‘Dragon’! Infamous for eating village children, he was slain by Bishop Jocelyn on Palace Fields. Who wants a grumpy dragon? Come to a Public Meeting: Dinder Village Hall Wednesday 3rd September at 7.00 p.m.

Ferelith Drummond

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