Glastonbury Festival – Post Festival Meeting

On the 28th July, The Parish Council will be meeting with Glastonbury Festivals Ltd to raise issues relating to this years Festival. The organisations present will include GFL, Pilton Parish Council, The Police, Security and Mendip District Council. This is the venue at which Villagers concerns and comments, negative and positive, concerning the operation of the Festival together with its impact on the village will be discussed.

In order to have items added to the Agenda for that meeting, The Parish Council submit a list to Glastonbury Festivals Ltd based on its own observations and comments received from Villagers. If you have anything that you feel should be added to that Agenda, it is necessary for you to submit your points in written form prior to the 18th July (on which date the comments will be collated and submitted to GFL for inclusion on the Agenda).


There may be issues that you would like to comment on or you may wish to make suggestions for the future improvement and smooth running of the interaction between the Festival and the Village. These may fall under general headings such as ‘Noise’, ‘Traffic’, ‘Disturbance’, ‘Security’ or be specific to your own location and experience. Comments should be submitted to:

The Parish Council Clerk, Jean Warry, Sharomayn, Westholme Road, Pilton, Somerset.

or e-mail

It is important at these meetings that in addition to pointing out areas where the overall management and operation has been found to be lacking, that items which have proved successful and positive are pointed out too – this will ensure that those particular features are not lost in any re-arrangement of priority and focus following the meeting.

Villagers are able to attend the meeting on 28th July as observers but are only allowed to contribute at the discretion of the Chairman (Mr. Mark Cann ) and so to ensure that your points are given consideration at the meeting please ensure that you have submitted them prior to the 18th July.

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