Glastonbury Festival 2019 – Information for Villagers

Access to Festival Site.

From Wednesday 1st May, the festival site (Worthy Farm) will become a designated construction site. With the work that will commence and the large amount of machinery moving and operating it will be a controlled working area with access restricted to authorised staff and contractors.  Under the legislation, enforced by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and the local authority, we are obliged to keep members of the public clear of the area while this work is carried out. We therefore ask that you do not enter the festival site or walk your dogs on the site. Notices will be displayed and the relevant orders to close footpaths have been obtained.  It might be that, at times, some areas might still be accessible so if you do come onto the site please keep away from areas of operation and please respect all working areas and any request to move away from areas where work is taking place. 

Clearway/parking Enforcement in Pilton Village.

You may be aware that during the festival the main route through Pilton to the Green/Village car park is a temporary Clearway, that means no parking by any vehicle is permitted. This route includes Parsons Bach, St Mary’s, Cumhill, Bread Street and Pylle Road.  In the past this clearway was not strictly enforced and the police allowed us to issue exemption passes to some residents as agreed with the Parish Council, Police and Somerset Council.

In line with the Parish Council’s wishes this Clearway will again be strictly enforced this year.  

Somerset Highways have agreed to have enforcement officers regularly patrolling the area and issuing fixed penalty tickets where needed.  Somerset County Council Traffic Dept. have advised us that no clearway exemption passes will be issued this year.

I will speak to residents of Bread Street regarding parking and possible alternative solutions.

Philip Appleton

Village Liaison Manager


Tel: 01749899631

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