Jon Pickard in concert

Guitar and ‘Harp-Guitar’ to celebrate St Patrick’s Day (Solo Recital)
St. John the Baptist Church, Pilton, BA4 4BE
Friday 15th March 2019, 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) Entry £8 on the door (portion to church funds)
Any questions contact Jenny 01749 890 465

A beautiful mix of music from Classical & Spanish Guitar favourites to music inspired by St Patrick and St Tugual, original compositions and other Irish folk themes played on the amazing 23-string Harp-Guitar – an instrument with a fascinating history and an exciting future.

Jon Pickard is a Classical Guitarist with a difference. Having spent decades performing on guitar for concerts and events he is now branching out on the most extraordinary instrument many people have ever seen or conceived – the Harp-Guitar.

A Harp-Guitar by definition is any guitar-like instrument that also includes any number of un-fretted (harp-like) strings – part Guitar and part Harp rolled into one, if you like. These exotic looking instruments come in many shapes and sizes and have been around for up to 300 years, pre-dating 6 string guitars.

On learning about the existence of Harp-Guitars Jon designed and commissioned his own 23-string version – with the 6 strings of a guitar surrounded by 7 sub-bass and 10 super-treble strings. You have to see it to believe it – and then you’ll hear it! The extra strings add both range and resonance and create new worlds of textural and musical possibilities simply impossible to achieve on any ‘normal’ guitar.

Due to their originality and distinctiveness Jon’s compositions and performances have recently been featured on Classical Music TV cable channel, broadcast in over 150 countries.

Although the Harp Guitar is a new experience for most people, it has a history spanning about 3 centuries and is currently enjoying a huge surge in popularity across the world as many players and makers continue to explore and refine
them. Audiences describe the experience with words like ‘beautiful’ ‘spellbinding’ and ‘mesmerising’. You’ll have to see it for yourself to really appreciate its beauty.

St John's Pilton

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