Somerset residents are being urged to make a new effort to recycle light but valuable aluminium foil rather than let it go to waste in their rubbish bins. And to make recycling easier, all aluminium foil can now be scrunched together in a ball for recycling in the same box – usually the black one – as families’ aluminium and steel food and drinks’ cans, rather than the green box for paper and glass.

Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) want to collect all aluminium foil including take-away containers, trays from tarts, lids from some food packaging, and clean aluminium wrapping from general cooking. SWP’s advice is clear: at the end of your washing up, rinse foil used for food to remove the worst of any contamination, scrunch it all together so it will not blow away, and leave with other materials to be easily spotted by the collection crew.

To check if an item is metallised plastic or aluminium foil, do the scrunch test: if it springs back, it is metallised plastic and cannot be recycled. But if it stays scrunched, it is aluminium foil and should be recycled in your black recycling box.

Householders seeking advice about kerbside collections, the network of recycling sites or for waste prevention ideas, should visit

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