Roundabout Magazine – We are lucky to have it

THE ROUNDABOUT TEAM would like to thank the many people involved in the production and distribution of Roundabout Magazine: those who deliver the magazines to every home in the parishes of Pilton, Croscombe, Dinder and Dulcote; Terry Scott-Alexander, our printer; the people who collect the magazines from Terry and take them to central distributors in each village; Paul Warry who deals with our finances; Gail Milne who co-ordinates the advertisements in the central supplement; our advertisers and everyone who contributes reports, news and notices of future events.

The donations received from groups and individuals are much appreciated and enable us to provide the magazine free to all parishioners.
A new and most welcome member of the Team is Eve Harris, and her telephone number is included in the team’s details in the front of the magazine(page 2).

Please remember that reports should be about 18 lines (approximately 200 words) in length, preferably in Word, and we aim to acknowledge receipt of material within two days of receipt.
NB. Check out the new advertisements in the coloured section

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