It is now over a year since Pilton Parish Council, concerned by the speed and the volume of traffic passing through the Village , decided that we should join the Avon and Somerset Police Community Speedwatch.

After our initial training, the provision of our speed gun, high-vis jackets, and the checking by the Police of our operating site, we started weekly sessions. Police data show that a weekly presence reduces speeding.

We not only pass on the details of vehicles travelling at excessive speed to the Police, we also collect data as to how much traffic is passing through the village per hour and also the increasing number of HGV vehicles passing through. This helps to inform Parish Council traffic policy. The Parish Council has long been campaigning for a pedestrian crossing on the A361.

It is not unusual for 700 vehicles to be passing through each hour on the A361, and this rises to over 1000 occasionally. There is a disturbing increase in HGV traffic; 70 per hour is typical and this rises to 130 at certain periods of the day.

We would like to say a big “Thank You” to our volunteers. Joe King

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