All our Church Buildings require regular maintenance work to keep them in good, safe condition. Many visitors enjoy looking round our well-cared for and peaceful churches. Local people, too, appreciate the presence of the church at the heart of our villages.

At the moment a considerable amount of work is being undertaken and investigated in all the churches. Ways to develop our buildings are constantly considered and we are very grateful to the many people who carry out the preparatory work, complete the numerous forms and attend many meetings as part of this care.

It is hoped that the bells at Dinder will be able to be rung again before too long.
Croscombe clock continues to pose many problems and planning work to repair the leaks in the roof is underway.

At Pilton repair work taking place and grants to repair stained glass windows are being investigated.
We ask all our village residents to be vigilant in caring for our churches. Please contact the police or any of our churchwardens if you see anything suspicious so that we all continue to benefit from this rich and beautiful amenity of village life.

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