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Avon and Somerset Police have launched a new text number to combat rural crime: 81819.
“We want information about any suspicious or potential criminal activity in your area, details of people/vehicles seen behaving suspiciously, potentially stolen goods or livestock being offered for sale to the public or at markets” Please add the number to your contact list.

Unwanted telephone calls
Register with your telephone provider for their call barring service, also call the Telephone Preference Service on 0345 0700707 to register with them.
These services do not have 100% success but they may help filter some of the calls that are bothering vast numbers of residents lately. Some telephones that are now on the market have a “Call Guardian” feature, this means the phone can intercept all calls from people not on the contact list. A virtual assistant asks unrecognised callers to announce their name prior to being connected, and users can then decide to accept or reject the call; if they reject it, that number is stored so it is blocked automatically if they call again.

Please do contact me about the above or anything that is causing you distress or worry. I may be able to help.

John Lapwood Village Agent 07852 961839, email

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