Website Problems – Update – Now resolved

By remarkable coincidence the publishing issue has now been resolved at the same time that the Festival is finished and a very large Broadcaster is no longer streaming live content from our little corner of Somerset. Mmmmm.

The sooner that we get Fibre Broadband in the village the better – the bandwidth that we enjoy is ridiculous  when you consider the huge amount of data traffic ‘at certain times of the year’. Maybe we should all suggest to Michael that speeding  up the introduction of fibre to the village would be a great thing to do? Legacy? – it is already at the farm of course…. we just need those few extra hundreds of yards…. It does mean that during the Festival period of high use (i.e. those 3 days) it is impossible to update and maintain the website which is not good. On average the village website gets between 150,000 and 200,000 hits per month, this does not change much for the Festival contrary to popular belief, only local-interest Festival things appear and so the ‘readership’ is obviously  centred on the regular population (150-200,000 hits sounds immense but you must remember that if you look today and view 20 pages,that would be 20 hits, and then again tomorrow it would count as another 20 hits. Because of this it is better to count the number of ‘visits’ to the website – the site averages 11,000 to 15,000 ‘visits’ per month. With a village population of just under 1000 people I am very proud of that figure as I am sure you will appreciate).

I am still very interested in feedback and suggestions regarding the existing content, just e-mail me from the link below


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Over the next few days you may notice problems of formatting and text on the website – unfortunately these are beyond our control until the boffins in Canada responsible for the publishing software work out how they have broken it (for thousands of us!) when they released their update a few days ago. Please accept my apologies, normal service will be resumed as soon possible. In the meantime the Facebook, Twitter and News feeds will work as always from their links on the front pages.


These things are sent to try us, thank you for your patience. I am taking the opportunity to re-evaluate the website content, if there is anything that you think should be featured, even if only more prominently, please let me know by emailing


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