Table Top Sale earns £1300 for Nepal


Adele Robertson said:

Thank you so, so much all the hard working team of raffle sellers, raffle prize and donation donaters, prayer flag hangers, face painters, cafe ladies, cake bakers, table and chair moving angels, table hirers, buyers who came and supported the afternoon and any one else I have forgotton in my post- table top haze.

Tibetan-prayer-flagsChristopher Brett won the bag! Fiona Case won the Extravaganza tickets. It was a fabulous day and everyone gave so generously for Nepal. Big thanks to Wendy Teasdill, Jennie Eyre, Joy James, Scott Baldwin, Colin Elkin, Robert Kearle, Aby Kench, Lucy, Zahra King, Elisabeth Janaway, Annaise Wilson, Jacquelyn Taylor, Janet Ladyman, Alison Fox, Pamela M. Edwards, Angela Webb, Kath Murray, Marilyn Wedgewood, Julie Cornish, Rachel Austin. Owen Barry at The Tanyard, Glastonbury Festivals Ltd, Philip Eavis and Living Homes, Angel-Oh! Holistic Therapies, Judy Sampath, Judy Hirsh Yoga, The Good Earth, Kerry Dodd, Hembridge Organics, Costa Coffee, Sophie Higgins, Marks and Spencers, Boots, Tesco, Finn and Leon. xxxxx

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